EMPC Africa
EMPC Africa is a business counsel and occupational trainer with access to experts skilled in delivering a full range of integrated services.


You are an actor on the economic scene and you are considering investing in Africa.

You are looking for professionals with good knowledge of business law, taxation and of customs regulations?

EMPC Africa is a business counsel and occupational trainer with access to experts skilled in delivering a full range of integrated services and who can craft novel responses to your concerns, so as to assure the success of your enterprise in francophone Africa.

Our Services

Business Advisers
  • Advice and direction on the choice of an investment vehicle.
  • Organization of companies and registration of branches.
  • Legal residence, solicitation of potential clients, accredited representation
  • Continuous legal advice
  • Transactions, mergers and acquisitions- Due Diligence
  • Energy, Mining and Hydrocarbons law.
  • Banking and Finance
  • International mobility.
  • Assessment and management of business risk
  • Customs law in relation to extractive industries.
  • Training in different facets of business law
  • Petroleum and mining lawr
  • Taxation of Petroleum and Mines
  • Tax law
  • Customs law
  • Banking and Finance
  • General commercial law
  • Law of business enterprises
  • Law of guarantees
  • ...

Soliciting Potential Customers & Legal Representation
  • Legal representation of branches, and of study offices in Cameroon;
  • Assistance in seeking and securing working space in the port area;
  • Soliciting on behalf of and representing a principal situated abroad;
  • Miscellaneous missions;
A network of experts EMPC has available to serve you a network of associates, which will offer their assistance at preferential rates in the fields of accounting, management, computer science, engineering and local representation.

Our Experts

Our Experts

Our experts have advised numerous multinationals doing business in francophone Africa. They have trained with success in their fields of competence.


Pierre Ngangwou has 15 years experience in international business law and taxation. He holds a Diploma of Higher Studies (DESS) in business law and taxation from the University of Clermont-Ferrand1 in France; and a master in business law from Dschang University in Cameroon.

Pierre Ngangwou worked for 14 years in the firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Tax and Legal SARL, a company offering legal and tax advice in Cameroon and Chad. He left in June 2014 with the rank of Director.

Throughout his career Pierre Ngangwou advised important multinational businesses on national and international taxation as it affects their banking, financial, petroleum, gas, mining and agro-business activities.

He participated in several international conferences and contributed to the drafting of several texts and particularly:

  • Participation to the PWC London School of Mines in the U.K;
  • Panelist « Oil & Gas Day » London, U.K. ;
  • Panelist « Africa Tax and Business Symposium » Port Louis, Mauritius;
  • Selected as a national expert by CNUCED/OMC within the framework of bringing into common knowledge Project No INT/W3/130 with reference to the OHADA business law in July 2007;
  • Participating as an expert in the revision of the Uniform Act in relation to the law governing business enterprises : Pria, Cape Verde;
  • Training in petroleum law and taxation for Chad and Cameroon;
  • participation in the drafting of Law No 2008/009 of 16 July 2008 for creating a tax, financial and accounting regime in relation with public/private association contracts in Cameroon;
  • Participation as an expert in drafting several other laws.


Fride has two years professional experience in international business law and taxation. She holds a Diploma in Specialized Higher Education (DESS) in international business law and taxation from the University of Yaoundé, and a Master in Business Law from Dschang University in Cameroon.

In 2014 Fride served a six month internship with the firm PwC Tax & Legal Cameroon, legal and tax advisers for Cameroon and Chad.

Fride has authored a memoir on the issues raised by customs duties incentives in the petroleum industry.


Born and raised in France. He moved to the USA in 1951 and has lived in France, Japan, England and the USA over the last decades.

Vock graduated from the Lycée Français de New York, Dartmouth College and from Harvard Law School, (J. D. 1957, cum laude) and was admitted to the New York bar the following year.

Following three years with the Judge Advocate General Corps, United States Army and a like period in Wall Street, MrVock embarked on a 26 year career with Mobil Oil Corporation. Most of his career centered on exploration and production of hydrocarbons and took him to Europe, the Americas, Asia and, principally, twenty three African countries. He was also active in professional associations and a co-founder of the Energy Section of the International Bar Association.

In 1990 Mr. Vock became an independent consultant. He has advised the United Nations Development Plan and governments in Africa, Asia and the Americas and negotiated minerals development agreements and multiparty agreements for corporate clients in some thirty countries, with special emphasis on Africa. He is a knight of the Cameroonian Merit.

In the course of his long career Vock has trained of young lawyers of two generations and lectured in industry forums and seminars organized by governments and institutions..

Daniel is a passionate student of history and of the multinational cultures he has encountered in the course of his travels.

He was a Director of the local chapter of Alliance Française and its President.


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