Analysis of public-private partnership (PPP) contracts

Duration of training: according to the needs of the participants




Understand the fundamental principles, models and challenges related to Public-Private Partnerships


Participant/facilitator interactivity , case studies and practical projects to strengthen the practical understanding of oil taxation

Evaluation of Acquirements

Participants will be assessed throughout the training through exercises and case studies .


Good knowledge of law, economics and public finance, and project management.


Legal, financial, administrative and capacity-building executives or managers, project managers supply chain managers, planning and strategy managers, public administration executives, consultants, students.


  • Introduction to PPPs
  • Typology of Public-Private Partnerships
  • Legal and Regulatory Framework for PPPs
  • Identification and Evaluation of PPP Projects
  • Financing of PPP Projects
  • Risk Management in PPPs
  • Practical Case Studies
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility in PPPs
  • Ethics in Public-Private Partnerships
  • Emerging Trends and Future of PPP
  • Final Evaluation and Future Perspectives

Price: on a case-by-case basis, depending on participants' needs

Accounting Financial concept. Business financing accounting banking and tax systems concept.


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