Negotiation and analysis of oil, gas and mining contracts

Duration of training: according to the needs of the participants


Advanced Training


Identify the stakeholders in a contract and their roles, draft a contract, prepare for negotiations, implement negotiation techniques and strategies, establish the framework for monitoring the execution and evaluation of the contract


Participant/facilitator interactivity , case studies and practical projects to strengthen the practical understanding of oil taxation

Evaluation of Achievements

Participants will be assessed throughout the training through exercises and case studies .


Good knowledge of the upstream extractive sector, law, economics and management, fundamentals of contract negotiation


Executives or legal, financial managers, administrative staff, capacity building, project managers, supply chain managers, planning and strategy managers, public administration executives, consultants, students .


    • Introduction to the Petroleum and Mining Industries
    • Legal and Regulatory Framework
    • Stakeholders and Interests
    • Key Elements of Contracts
    • Technical and Economic Evaluation of Projects
    • Contractual Risk Management
    • Negotiation and Communication
    • Ethics in Negotiation
    • Final Evaluation and Future Perspectives
    • Emerging Trends and the Future of Trading
    • Practical Case Studies

    In-depth analysis of real cases of oil and mining contract negotiation; Discussion on the challenges encountered and the solutions found; Simulation of negotiations to apply acquired skills.

Price: on a case-by-case basis, depending on participants' needs

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