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EMPC AFRICA is a legal, tax, accounting, and financial consulting firm that provides a comprehensive range of business solutions to clients in Francophone African countries. Our mission is to offer strategic and innovative legal, tax, accounting, and financial solutions in the energy, mining, oil/gas, and infrastructure construction sectors.


Always at the forefront, we reinvent service delivery in key sectors of Africa’s economy and development through customized solutions and diverse divisions that adapt to the changing needs of our clients. Our integrated, client-focused approach to service delivery enables us to provide first-class advice, driving efficiency. We leverage extensive sector expertise and firm-wide resources to ensure an exceptional client experience and offer real solutions to our clients’ most complex problems.

Our Values

Our commitment to the firm’s values supports our mission and helps our clients achieve their business goals. These values, listed below, are part of the firm’s branding and demonstrate who we are as a member of the global business community


  • Priority to the best ideas: At EMPC Africa, priority is always given to the best idea, wherever it comes from.
  • Professionalism: We strive for professional excellence and emphasise collaboration, innovation, and availability
  • Our staff is our greatest asset: Aware that our staff is our greatest asset, we value inclusion in all its forms and help our staff to develop their full potential.
  • Customers are at the heart of our business model
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Our strategy

Creating a competitive advantage that ensures long-term success is as important to our firm as it is to our clients. Our strategy allows us to offer our  the best in terms of services, assistance, representation and advice, while always demonstrating innovation in order to meet their needs and support them throughout their development.

Our strategy is unique in the legal, tax, accounting, and financial services market. Thanks to it, we are able to solve our customers’ most important operational challenges. We aim to be:

  • The best consulting firm in French-speaking Africa for public and private companies;
  • A driving force behind our clients’ success on a continental and global scale;
  • A leader in innovation to better assist clients
  •  The partner who promotes and supports inclusion, collaboration, and entrepreneurship.

To do this, we have decided to focus our efforts on three strategic pillars in all sectors of the firm. To choose these three pillars, we listened to what our customers and staff had to say and analyzed what was happening in the market. We are confident that a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented will allow our firm to continue to grow and prosper.

We are committed to providing our customers with unparalleled service, across borders, to help them achieve their goals, no matter where they operate in the world. In addition to our global experience and diverse areas of regional expertise, our fully integrated offices in French-speaking African countries enable us to seamlessly advise our clients on their multi-jurisdictional business needs. We also build strong relationships and collaboration with legal and tax consultancy firms around the world to provide our clients with the best possible support wherever their business takes them.

Collaboration, excellence and innovation are at the heart of our working approach, both within the firm and with our clients. Our firm has always pioneered new service delivery models and services, including the Dialogue Project Management solution, our dedicated  legal project management process, and our divisions. We will continue to identify and develop new solutions and improve our insights based on data analysis to meet evolving customer needs.

In order to provide the best possible service, we are committed to attracting and retaining talent. Across the firm, we are renewing our commitment to ensuring a consistent, high-level recruitment and training process, and to providing our members more development opportunities. We continue to promote a strong inclusive workplace culture. Continuing this investment in our human capital is essential to our values and growth, as well as to the success of our firm and the success of our clients.

EMPC AFRICA’s dynamic governance model and management structure provides the entire firm with the energy to deliver the best possible service to our clients, wherever they are.


EMPC AFRICA’s dynamic governance model and leadership structure provides the entire firm with the energy to deliver the best possible service to our clients, wherever they are. Our Consultants practice law within a single company, unified by an organizational structure that is reflective of that of the organizations we serve.
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Our services and expertise

Our team loves nothing more than proactively planning for critical situations and dealing with them head-on when they arise, often by helping clients find innovative solutions to complex, zero-sum problems.

For each situation, we rely on the considerable strengths of our national platform, collaborative approach and deep experience in all practices and sectors, bringing together a tailored team of experts to advise our clients.

Our Specialized Services

Development of the country's mining policy (strategic guidelines for the development of the mining sector)

International technical assistance Mines and hydrocarbons

Support for the negotiation/renegotiation of oil, gas and mining contracts; PPP, EPC, EPCM, etc.

Capacity Building

Drafting of sectoral codes, implementing decrees and standard contracts.

Conducting legal and tax due diligence on behalf of producing States and oil, gas, and mining companies and their subcontractors

Strategic management of disputes arising from oil, mining and gas exploitation

International trading of oil, gas and minerals

Feasibility study of mining, oil, gas and infrastructure projects

Conducting of continuing training in the oil, gas, mining and infrastructure projects

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Our Team

Pierre Roger NGANGWOU

  • CEMAC Authorised Tax Adviser n° 193
  • Legal and Tax Expert


Financial analyst, Specialist in project evaluation and financing


Accounting, and finance


Legal and tax consultant

Franck Bedel DOUNTIO

Legal and tax consultant


Mining and Hydrocarbons consultant

Lucie Fride NGUEMBOU

Tax & Legal Consultant | Yaoundé Office

Our firm brings together many highly respected business consultants and experts in French-speaking Africa.

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